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The Standard for Change Management®

About the Standard

The ACMP Standard for Change Management® (“the Standard”) is a collection of generally accepted practices in change management and is one of the foundational elements in advancing the change management profession and discipline. Released in September 2014, the Standard provides the foundation for the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP) credential, the Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP) Program, and empowers change practitioners to lead the way change works.

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The Standard is Method Neutral and Includes:

  • A definition of practices, processes, tasks and activities for Change Management without tools or templates
  • Guidance for organizational change management, for any type of change
  • Generally accepted practices and processes used by practitioners across industries, organizations and roles

How the Standard was Developed

The Standard was developed by a global group of volunteers representing eight countries from a wide variety of industries. Over the course of two years, ACMP’s Standards Working Group (SWG) led by Sumreen Ahmad, compiled and coordinated the collected research and documentation on the practice of change management to formulate and draft the first legally defensible, globally accepted Standard for Change Management. Following a consensus process consistent with ISO requirements established by the International Organization for Standardization, the SWG engaged over 1,100 change management thought leaders and volunteers from 57 countries, each averaging more than 10 years’ experience, to capture, review and respond to more than 3,500 unique comments.

How the Standard Advances the Profession

The Standard advances the profession by establishing a common understanding of the discipline of change management to help leaders and practitioners achieve and sustain change objectives. The clear and consistent definitions of change management terminology help professionals establish themselves as global leaders of change.

Certified Change Management Professional

The Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) is a global professional credential developed based on the Standard. The CCMP ensures practitioners understand the Standard and how to apply it to change projects across industries.

Qualified Education Provider Program

ACMP’s Qualified Education Provider (QEP) program qualifies change management training and continuing education courses that align to ACMP's Standard for Change Management® and adult education best practices.

Licensing The Standard

ACMP recognizes the importance of standardizing the profession of Change Management. As such, ACMP understands that there will be times when individuals and organizations would like to utilize The Standard for business purposes. The following licensing agreement is required to utilize The Standard and to protect copyright of The Standard.

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Meet The Standard Working Group

The Standard Working Group (SWG), led by Sumreen Ahmad, Standards Working Group Chair (pictured left), compiled and coordinated the collected research and documentation on the practice of change management to formulate and draft the first legally defensible, globally accepted standard for Change Management.

The SWG is a globally diverse group of change management professionals representing several countries and a wide variety of industries that are early adopters of change management practices.

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