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Change Management Code of Ethics

Maintaining Your CCMP Certification

Once you pass the CCMP™ exam, your certification will be in effect for three years. Within that three-year period you must maintain your credential through renewal activities and accumulate 60 professional development units (PDUs). This process demonstrates to employers that you remain committed to developing your knowledge and experience to stay current, and have the right to continue using the CCMP™ credential.

How to Earn PDUs

PDUs can be earned several ways: by attending conferences, QEP courses and webinars. If you do not accumulate 60 PDUs or do not submit the renewal application within the active certification cycle, your certification will be suspended and you may not refer to yourself as a CCMP credential holder. The suspension period lasts for one year after which your certification will expire and you must submit a new application, starting the process from the beginning, if you want to regain the credential. Refer to the Candidate Handbook for more information about the certification maintenance process.

How to Report PDUs

During each three-year period, certificants must complete 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) and record them in ACMP's online system. Each PDU corresponds to one hour spent on an activity (with the exception of experience) and requires supporting evidence of completion. Keep all receipts and related documentation to validate your renewal application. In the third year, all PDUs are submitted for approval along with a fee. Log in to the portal to begin reporting PDUs.

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