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Frequently Asked Questions

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The ACMP Standard for Change Management®
  • What is ACMP’s Standard for Change Management®?
  • ACMP’s Standard for Change Management is a recognized body of work developed by ACMP that provides a baseline understanding and definition of the discipline of Change Management. The Standard creates a common definition and understanding of the discipline of Change Management and the elements that are "standard” to its practice.

    The Standard (1) captures generally accepted practices and processes used by Change Management practitioners across multiple industries, organizations, and roles; (2) creates a clear and consistent vocabulary of essential Change Management terminology; and (3) provides a solid baseline from which organizations can effectively manage change and deliver intended results.

  • How and why was The Standard created?
  • In January 2013, ACMP concluded a Change Management Market Research Study, gathering input from more than 5000 global practitioners. A Practice Analysis Task Force confirmed Change Management as a discipline valuable to industry leadership and organizational success. However, an analysis of the findings also revealed a discipline that is fragmented and in need of standardization, individual certification for practitioners and teaching accreditation processes that will provide industry credibility and personal career development opportunities.

  • What type of review process was performed?
  • In mid-2013, ACMP brought together an independent group of two dozen globally diverse and professionally-vetted change practitioners and thought-leaders. Known as the Standards Working Group (SWG), these volunteers were tasked with compiling and coordinating the collected research, creating a common definition and understanding of the discipline of Change Management and the elements that are "standard” to the practice of it.

    Independent of any particular methodology or model, the SWG followed the process for creating standards established by the International Standards Organization (ISO), resulting in ACMP’s Standard for Change Management. The Standard has been reviewed by global Change Management practitioners, industry, education and non-profit stakeholders and others who have actively expressed an interest in its development.

  • What metrics were used to validate feedback and input into the development of the Standard?
  • The Standard has been produced with rigor by ACMP and an independent group of professional Change Management practitioners.

    Just over 3500 individual comments were parsed from more than 1100 change management professionals from 57 different countries.

    Of interest to note is that 35% of respondents were not members of ACMP and 46% of respondents self-reported as having more than 10 years of change management experience.

  • What are The Standard’s components?
  • The Standard establishes five key Change Management areas (also referred to as "domains” or "process groups”) that will enhance practice proficiency, quality and credibility across multiple industries, organizations and roles.

    • Evaluating Change Impact and Organizational Readiness
      • Reviews the overall change and how it will impact the organization
      • Establishes whether the organization is ready and able to handle the proposed change
    • Formulating Change Management Strategy
      • Develops the approach for moving an organization from current state to desired future state in order to achieve specific organizational outcomes
    • Developing Change Management Plans
      • Documents the scope, actions, timelines and resources needed to deliver the change
    • Executing Change Management Plans
      • Addresses the implementation processes for performing the change activities by monitoring, measuring, and controlling delivery against baseline plans
    • Closing the Change Management Effort
      • Documents the actions and resources needed to close the change once the Change Management Strategy is achieved and activities are deemed sustainable and maintainable
  • What will the Standard do for me/my profession?
  • The Standard is one of three key pillars of a recognized profession:

    A standard, which establishes generally accepted practices, processes, tasks and activities and the credential against the Standard, which recognizes the practitioner’s education and application of their craft against the standard

    A code of ethics and professional conduct observed and monitored by the professional community.

    ACMP’s Standard is the cornerstone of the change management profession, and ACMP’s CERTIFIED CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL (CCMP) Program, the credential certification initiative; and ACMP’s QUALIFED EDUCATION PROVIDER™ (QEP) Program, the accredited training and development provider initiative.

    Understanding and adoption of the Standard will strengthen a change practitioner’s ability to capably serve their organizations and effectively achieve and sustain results. When change practitioners take these actions it will advance the discipline of change management, and actively contribute to the formation of their profession.

    ACMP’s Standard is important to the Change Management industry because it will drive consistency in the market place and enhance a global reputation for best practices. Adopting the standard in your organization adds credibility and professional recognition for the services you offer to your clients.

  • When will The Standard be available for use? How can I get a copy?
  • The Standard is currently available to ACMP members and the general public. Non-members and Friends of ACMP will be asked to provide their name and contact information and agree to ACMP’s privacy policy to allow us to contact them for future updates and information.


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