Change Management Code of Ethics
Change Management Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

To help guide the profession, the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) has drafted the Change Management Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. This document directly supports ACMP’s goals by describing the minimum expectations for professional conduct for Change Management practitioners.

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Thank You

ACMP thanks everyone who submitted comments and feedback from the global change management community – from members and non-members alike. Your input will ensure these guidelines support responsible behavior and the common understanding for how to identify and resolve ethical dilemmas that may be encountered by change practitioners.

Background & Purpose

When ACMP launched in 2011, it represented a significant milestone in the field of Change Management. Other Change Management organizations can rightly claim specific areas of expertise, such as defining best practices supported through research, delivering knowledge and skills through training programs, creating unique methodologies which help shape strategy and execution, and providing quality consulting services. ACMP fills an equally important but complementary role, providing practitioners a professional association devoted to helping them to advance the discipline and increase change effectiveness around the world.

It is generally agreed in academic research that there are three required components in order to be considered a profession - the development of a unique set of professional standards, the creation and maintenance of a certification process, and the establishment of behavioral guidelines which govern the profession as a whole. Each is equally important, and a profession cannot exist successfully without all three.


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The Association of Change Management Professionals serves as an independent and trusted source of professional excellence, advocates for the discipline and creates a thriving change community.

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